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Mar 18, 2013 4:30pm PDT
. >> and we have the stumbling blocks in the deal to sequester the government spending cuts but first the look at how the overseas markets fair fared today. >>> on wall street, more red than green in the stock market and some losses in the oil patch as well. >> that's where we begin our market outlook tonight. the company's ceo expects negative pricing press neuer several airs. looking at the stocks, dn almost 4 percent. other drillers almost got hit. neighbors and hall burton down as well. leading the s&p gainers today. jcpenney the retailer got a positive report from an analyst at oppenheimer because of the new joe fresh shot. but says pennies needs to work through its problems. >>as ttrazenika reported a big drop. and forecast continuing difficulties with competition from generic drugs. shared traded in new york were down slightly at 46.18. >> and after six year on the job, electronic arts ceo offered his resignation during the tenure. the stock dropped more than 60 percent. he said in a memo revenues will be at the low end of his earlr guidance and was accountable for it. shares were down
Mar 20, 2013 4:30pm PDT
'll do is try to extend the banking holiday through the weekend. that's going to give the government, they hope, time to recapitalize the bank. that's a long-winded way to say pitch the bank. put a lot more money in them so they are stronger. not until tuesday because it happens to be a holiday. >> michelle, this is suzie.hat do you think could happen on tuesday? there's been so much pent-up anxiety, what happens when those banks open? >> well, it all depends on what happens over the next four days. so cyprus rejeblcted the first idea and they try to raid a pension fund to come up with money to meet the requirements of the bail out from the european partners. now that all of those things have happened, they face two choices. they need to shut down some banks that are very, very weak. or they're going to have to leave the euro. that's t choice they face. and depending on which one they make, that's what's going to happen on tuesday. >> michelle, how did the banks in cyprus get so bloody. is it really traceable basically to the fact that it's a kind of "don't ask, don't tell" kind of b
Mar 22, 2013 4:30pm PDT
profits would be? >> so we do like equities. when you compare that to fixed income certainly in government space so we like equities and we like global equities. it will have to be a multi asset strategy which is kind of all of the above. looking at commodities and debt and equities and looking in companies in europe. there are good companies with strong balance sheets in europe, as well. looking into russia, indonesia, malaysia. so it is not so much a risk on/risk off. if i can jump off an earlier point which is fantastic which is the expansion we see the fundamentals have not changed a lot. that allows us to be a little more flat until the end of the year. sentiment is a very powerful thing. sentiment as momentum picks up people become more confident and like stocks that can be rather strong. we are looking at that right now. so bonds are being sold to finance equities that would change the dynamic and we have to revisit our estimates. >> thanks so much. >> thank you. >>> and coming up we will get more specific and find out which stocks this week's market monitor likes. >>> more warnings
Mar 25, 2013 4:30pm PDT
overwhelmingly embracedger netwo generic drugs over brand names, but the government is asking the supreme court to consider whether consumers have been cheated out of even more savings by so-called pay for delay drug patent deals that keep drugs from coming to market sooner. the case involved the drug androjel. the drug's distributor struck a deal with watson pharmaceutical in 2006, which keeps the generic off shelves until 2015 in exchange for a fee. the industry contends in reaching some settlements for drugs like lipitor, consumers have benefitted. >> lipitor is coming to the market five years before the expiration of the patent, saving $4.5 billion per year. this is one of many patent settlements that involved some kind of consideration that saved consumers and the federal government billions of dollars. >> reporter: aarp and the ama argue settlements allowing big pharma companies which pay companies to wait, undermine abilities for doctors to give cost-effective prescriptions to patients. analysts from deerfield institute found generics lost 52% of them. armen . >> these deals have been st
Mar 19, 2013 4:30pm PDT
. the government is hoping this defeat will give them leverage to negotiate new terms with the european union so when parliament meets again on thursday they might have a better plan to vote on. it a high-stakes game of chicken with each side wondering who's going to blink first. or in this case, whether the banks will run out of money before a deal is reached. if the eu does not back down then savers in cyprus will have to shoulder some of the burden for the bailout loan. and that has savers around the world wondering whether their deposits are safe. in cyprus tonight, banks remain closed with no clear indication when they'll reopen. one analyst from jpmorgan tonight saying cyprus has chosen a hard road. global markets are wondering where it's going to end. >> bertha, thank you very much for that report. when those banks reopen it is going to be a very interesting and busy day. bertha coombs, thank you. >>> that uncertainty in cyprus sent the u.s. stock markets on a meandering hike today. the major averages began the session higher, following more good news about the u.s. housing market. but th
Mar 21, 2013 4:30pm PDT
troubles in cyprus where the government is trying to come up with a plan to reorganize its banks by monday. that's the deadline set by the european union officials. if they don't, it could mean collapse of the entire banking sector. as michelle caruso-cabrera tells us, that fear is being felt on the streets. >> reporter: cyprus yet another country in europe where the devastation from the financial crisis is being felt throughout the population. throughout cyprus lines could be seen at the atms of the country's weakest bank, people desperate to take out cash because they're on the verge of failure. >> we're being treated like third-class citizens and we're very, very angry. >> reporter: how much money did you take out? >> i just took $1,000. i've been taking $1,000 every day. and personally, i'm taking this money and cash with me to the u.k. tonight. >> reporter: because? >> because we don't know what the future of our country holds. >> reporter: the reason they're using the atm? the banks have been closed nearly a week and won't open until tuesday, earliest. business owners deeply affected
Mar 19, 2013 7:00pm PDT
of respect for, the future solution lies in creating golden triangles with business, government, and civil society to make real commitments, to make real innovation, to make real commitments for nutritional labeling, health and wellness programs, and raise the awareness about -- for the general public about what is at stake here. >> but, as consumers drink less soda, and water is now america's favorite drink, how are you preparing for that change? >> oh, well we have -- we provide choice. we have 3,000 products, 500 brands, all across the world, and we provide choices. >> muhtar, i want to congratulate you on coca-cola for getting this award tonight for promoting women into leadership positions at your company. so you've said it makes good business sense to empower women. tell us why. >> it makes good business sense inside the company to empower women because when you are a consumer products business like ours, where 75% of your shoppers are women, you need to connect better with those shoppers through women leaders, and having a really good balance between women leaders, equitable balance
Search Results 0 to 20 of about 21 (some duplicates have been removed)